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Fic: "Chiromancer"- Alistair/F!Tabris (Dragon Age: Origins)
let me tell you a story

Title: Chiromancer

Rating: PG

Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins

Characters: Alistair, F!Tabris

Summary: Tabris appreciates Alistair's handiwork.

For all his apparent oafishness, babbling, and blushing, Alistair is surprisingly fastidious. Tabris never regrets giving him the best armor first; after all, not only he is the one charging headfirst into whatever horde they come across (granting her cover and time to sneak around to dispatch them), he apparently also takes great pains to keep his gear in the best working order. It's not something that he makes known, usually taking to task at a spot furthest from camp, in the early hours of the day before anyone can verify that's he's not just halfwit warrior. Three-quarters, at least.

Of course, while Tabris knows it's the kind of thing best done without interruptions, curiosity gets the better of her. He's methodically repairing the little dents on his shield, carefully hammering them out with the pommel of his sword when she sidles up next to him.

"So, was it the flying the dogs that taught you how to do that?" she asks casually.Collapse )

Fic: "Five Times Claire Callahan May Have Been Unprofessional"
let me tell you a story
First post in a while, and it's fic! Weird, I know, but it's SiriCerasi & Kalamac's birthday, and I promised them words.

Okay, it's only one instance right now, but I'll post the rest soon!

(Go easy on me, please? It's been so long since I've posted anything creative, let alone writing, and I've never really been a fic writer! >_< Did I even do this format correctly??)

Title: Five Times Claire Callahan May Have Been Unprofessional
Rating: PG
Fandom: Haven
Summary: Sometimes it's difficult to take Dr. Callahan seriously.

1. JordanCollapse )

John Rzeznik Got Married
And he still hasn't aged a day. At least not in that shot. Anyhoo, those two are adorable together.

But this post isn't about that (or is it?!), I just felt compelled to follow in my accidentally-annual July livejournal post. That has a nice ring to it, no?

In many ways I wish that I were actually using this to discuss my thoughts about Pacific Rim or something (which I absolutely loved- such a fun movie!), but I'm feeling more somber than that.

July has always been such a strange month of nostalgia and this particular one has been hitting me with reminders of the past so much- some of which I'm incredibly grateful for, others... they've been getting to me.


Well, it's good to know that my penchant for internet ambiguity has returned. In any case, I sincerely hope anyone who reads this is doing well. *hugs*

Eureka "Just Another Day"
love is hell // v &amp; t
Since I have a penchant for only using this journal now for typing irrational and incoherent thoughts on finales...

Considering the Eureka finale was conceived, planned, and shot in just a few weeks, it was pretty much a perfect farewell. It's a fun love letter to the fans and the lack of melodrama made everything that much more emotional for me. "Just Another Day" is such a bittersweet title because this episode's simplicity just proves how wonderful the show has always been; the action, humor, and character development have always been consistent. (COMCAST, have you no hearts? How could you?!)

Commence irrational thoughts... Wormhole-y thoughts.Collapse )
While I'm a little sad they never got Sarah Michelle Gellar to show up house hunting... thank you Eureka, you were wonderful.

Eureka fandom, I want to know your thoughts!
(cross-posted on my tumblr)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two
love is hell // v &amp; t
Last night was the first time I "dressed up" for a midnight premiere, even though my outfit was merely a grey dress with some snakeskin-ish detailing, my hand-knit Slytherin third year style scarf, hunter green nails (Essie's "Trophy Wife- brb channeling Narcissa), and thanks to the amazingly lovely kimbles, a [temporary] Dark Mark tattoo. It's fading now, so I guess the Dark Lord really is losing power.

I'm honestly still figuring out how I really feel about the film. :\

Potential Unpopular Fannish Opinons ahead. Spoilers [obviously] as well. Ranting all over the place.Collapse )

BTW, I really want to get into Pottermore before October. I'm also really nervous about not getting sorted into Slytherin.


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