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Fic: "Chiromancer"- Alistair/F!Tabris (Dragon Age: Origins)

Title: Chiromancer

Rating: PG

Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins

Characters: Alistair, F!Tabris

Summary: Tabris appreciates Alistair's handiwork.

For all his apparent oafishness, babbling, and blushing, Alistair is surprisingly fastidious. Tabris never regrets giving him the best armor first; after all, not only he is the one charging headfirst into whatever horde they come across (granting her cover and time to sneak around to dispatch them), he apparently also takes great pains to keep his gear in the best working order. It's not something that he makes known, usually taking to task at a spot furthest from camp, in the early hours of the day before anyone can verify that's he's not just halfwit warrior. Three-quarters, at least.

Of course, while Tabris knows it's the kind of thing best done without interruptions, curiosity gets the better of her. He's methodically repairing the little dents on his shield, carefully hammering them out with the pommel of his sword when she sidles up next to him.

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